The theme for September families was “home”. Along with a ’58 Ford pickup truck! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the month.

Family, House Call, Lakeside Living, Mooresville

October 15, 2020

September Snapshot: Family Photos

Struble Family - Mooresville

As crazy as the world is, something seemed to click as the calendar turned to September. And as the weather started to cool (at least a little bit), LKN Images got into the heat of high school senior sessions.

Canon School, Davidson, High School, Lake Norman Charter, Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, Pine Lake Prep, Seniors

October 1, 2020

September Snapshot: Senior Photos

Connor - Lake Norman Charter

2020 has been a year for the lake. Therefore, Lake Norman was a popular setting for family photos. We had no shortage of incredible sunsets in August!

Community, Cornelius, Family, House Call, Lakeside Living, Mooresville

September 15, 2020

August Snapshot: Family Photos

Williams Family - Cornelius

The class of 2021 officially arrived in August – although most of them started their senior year online!

Davidson, High School, Lake Norman High School, Seniors

September 1, 2020

August Snapshot: Senior Photos

Jessie - Broward Virtual School Florida

Ah… July! Family get-togethers. Vacations. Barbecues. Oh… that’s right… this is 2020! So much for all that! 😉 But as people started to get out more, I was able to capture some great families in July – including family reunions and a Mooresville Lakeside Living shoot at Lakeside Stables.

Cornelius, Family, House Call, Lakeside Living, Mooresville

August 15, 2020

July Snapshot: Family Photos

Wittgraefe Family - Lakeside Living

Caitlyn’s grandmother wanted to do a photo shoot for her birthday. And we found the perfect day for our first high school session of the new class!

High School, Location, Mooresville, Seniors, South Iredell High School

August 1, 2020

July Snapshot: Senior Photos

Caitlyn - South Iredell High School

House Calls. We bring the shoot to you. Your home becomes the setting; you don’t have to go anywhere. We bring all of our gear and set up in multiple locations around your yard to get a lot of variety. In between shots, people can retreat to the air conditioning or shade.

Family, House Call, Location, Mooresville

July 21, 2020

Sometimes, There’s No Place Like Home

Lake Norman Sunset

I have taken photos of hundreds of seniors. And one thing always rings true… No matter where we do the shoot, the moment we arrive, the first outfit goes on, the camera comes out and the flash goes off for the first time… the photo session is totally yours. You are the star of the show.

High School, Lake Norman High School, Location, Mooresville, Planning, Scheduling, Seniors

July 9, 2020

The Perfect Senior Session

Katlyn - Lake Norman High School

For me, the entire coronavirus quarantine – plus some time before and after – was defined by The Front Steps Project. It consumed our time and energy for nearly 3 months. It taught us things that we never imagined – personally and professionally.

Charity, Community, Mooresville, The Front Steps Project

June 1, 2020

Legacy of The Front Steps Project

FeedNC logo

As a photographer social distancing was always a factor in my work. I’m usually 15-20 feet (or more) back from whoever I’m photographing. I guess I was a social distancing trend-setter and didn’t even know it!

COVID, Davidson, Family, House Call, Mooresville, Seniors, Technology

May 26, 2020

Social Distancing: Before It Was Big

Social Distancing - LKN Images


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