As crazy as the world is, something seemed to click as the calendar turned to September. And as the weather started to cool (at least a little bit), LKN Images got into the heat of high school senior sessions.

Canon School, Davidson, High School, Lake Norman Charter, Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, Pine Lake Prep, Seniors

October 1, 2020

September Snapshot: Senior Photos

Connor - Lake Norman Charter

The class of 2021 officially arrived in August – although most of them started their senior year online!

Davidson, High School, Lake Norman High School, Seniors

September 1, 2020

August Snapshot: Senior Photos

Jessie - Broward Virtual School Florida

As a photographer social distancing was always a factor in my work. I’m usually 15-20 feet (or more) back from whoever I’m photographing. I guess I was a social distancing trend-setter and didn’t even know it!

COVID, Davidson, Family, House Call, Mooresville, Seniors, Technology

May 26, 2020

Social Distancing: Before It Was Big

Social Distancing - LKN Images


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