Photographer for Mooresville Lakeside Living Magazine.

Mooresville Lakeside Living

Kathleen Martin is the Cover

It is my honor to be the cover photographer for Mooresville Lakeside Living Magazine since their first issue in May, 2019.

Seeing my work in print is always a thrill.  While photos are meant to look comfortable and spontaneous, magazine covers take months of planning... and being a part of the creative team that designs the cover is a lot of fun!

But the best part is that I'm able to meet some of the most fascinating people in our community that are selected for the cover each month.  From retired police to veterans, artists to accountants, inspirational students to basketball legends.  They are all right around us and have amazing stories.

If you live on the Brawley peninsula, keep an eye on your mailbox for your free copy of Mooresville Lakeside Living every month!


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