There is no cost to be part of this!  And NO CATCH! This is LKN Images trying to help other local small businesses get back on our combined feet and help drive customers back through your doors. We will come to your business and take photos of you OUT in FRONT of your business. We will take the information you fill out below and create an image for you that you are free to use in any way through all of your media and social media channels. We will also push all of these through social media using the hashtag #LKNOutFront. The marketing piece and photos will be delivered to you to use in any way you would like.

If there are other professional photographers in the area that would like to join this effort, please do! This is not just LKN Images; we want everyone to participate and support this Lake Norman area small business initiative.  #LKNOutFront belongs to everyone!  Please email if you would like to volunteer your photography skills to be part of this!

Business owners: Please fill in the form below.  You can refer to the example above for the type of information we suggest you provide.  We will NOT be publishing or including your personal email or personal phone (the 2 fields at the top of the form below).  Those are just so we can contact you if we have any questions.  All other fields will be used to create your custom PDF.

Helping to get your business information OUT in FRONT
of people... and putting a face to your business! 

As we enter Phase 2 of North Carolina's plan to re-open, things are going to be different - and evolving.  How do you do business under new regulations?  When are you open?  How do people reach you?  Lake Norman area consumers know how things used to be... but not how they are now.  We also think it is important to put a face to a name.  People like to do business with people they like.  Customers like to know the people behind the logo.

#LKNOutFront is a local small business initiative to help you put together a compelling, concise and consistent information package that you can use to push out through all media and social media.  We want to create a visual for you that you can use everywhere [Support Local LKN, Lake Norman Small Business, LKN Connect, Downtown Mooresville... everywhere!]


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