We ask that everyone participating please make a donation of $25 or more to FeedNC (the Mooresville Soup Kitchen).

Click the logo below to connect directly to their site to make the donation.

When filling out the form, please make sure to check the "In honor of" button and enter
The Front Steps Project
in the box so that they are able to track our community's donations.

Thank you!!!

By clicking Submit, you give permission to post, promote & use all photos taken.

3/23 - 3/30: The Farms
Thank you!!!!!  We have completed The Farms.
We will try to cycle through later and photograph anyone who registered that wasn't available when we were on your street.

Next up: The Point!

We will start photographing families in The Point on Saturday, 4/4.
We will start at the far end of the peninsula and work our way back toward Williamson.
We are progressing through The Point based on the main road into your neighborhood off of Brawley School Road.  We will start on that main road and then work through all roads that feed off of it (for example, Gainswood Dr will include Gainswood, Hopkington, Yale and Tuscany).

Based on that, here is our current day-by-day schedule (listing just the main roads):

Saturday 4/4: Gainswood Dr, Tuskarora Trail Rd, Mansfield Lp
Sunday 4/5: Greyfriars Rd, Torrence Chapel Rd
Tuesday 4/7: Broad Sound Pl, Lightship Rd, New Haven Dr, Heartland Ln
Wednesday 4/8: Yacht Rd
Friday 4/10: Attleboro Pl, Chesterwood Ct, Stonewall Beach Ln
Saturday 4/11: Polpis Rd
Monday 4/13: The Point Dr
Tuesday 4/14: Chatham Rd
Thursday 4/16: Quaker Rd, Brawley Harbor Pl
Friday 4/17: Martons Mill Dr, Bay Harbor Rd
Sunday 4/19: Great Point Dr
Monday 4/20: Brawley School Rd

Sign up today! - We will use registration data to help set our locations/schedule.


This is a volunteer effort!  We are doing this to raise money for a critical local charity. We ask that each family that participates in #TheFrontStepsProject (or even if you don't!) make a minimum $25 donation to FeedNC. This is the group formerly known as The Mooresville Soup Kitchen which provides daily meals to our neighbors in-need, including the elderly and veterans. The link to donate directly to FeedNC is below.

So that we can be as efficient as possible, we have set up a street-by-street schedule for taking the photos and a quick form for you to fill out to let us know that you want to participate. The information collected will be used ONLY to communicate with you regarding this program; it will not be shared with anyone.  You will find the sign-up form as well as the link to make your donation to FeedNC below. 

Ed and I hope that you will join us in helping FeedNC, spreading some much-needed cheer in our community, and having a little fun with your family from the safety of your front steps.

We hope to see you – from afar – very soon!

-- Kathleen & Ed Martin

These are difficult times. We are all at home. We are all concerned, worried. And while the news continues to evolve by the minute, one thing is for sure – practicing social distancing is our best means to protect ourselves and our families from the spread of this virus.

We are closer than ever to our families. But we are Americans. We live in communities. We are social people. Our neighbors are our friends. Our community is our network. And in times like these, this all becomes more important than ever.

Enter Cara Soulia, a family photographer from Needham, MA. Cara created The Front Steps Project. The idea is simple, and brilliant!… Cara goes house to house in her neighborhood and practicing solid social distancing, she spends 5 minutes taking pictures of families on the front steps of their house. She doesn’t charge but does ask that each family make a donation to a designated local charity. These inspirational family photos are posted on Instagram and other social media. #TheFrontStepsProject has taken off and provided a fantastic positive jolt to the families in and around her community and vital donations to an important charity.

Kathleen & Ed Martin are volunteering our expertise, equipment and time to bring #TheFrontStepsProject to the Mooresville, NC area in order to raise money for FeedNC. Here is what we are going to do:

• Each day (weather dependent), we will spend 3-4 hours going around to houses that sign up to participate.
• We will spend about 5 minutes taking pictures of you & your family on your front steps. We will always be at least 20 feet away from you; absolutely no contact and everything is done outdoors. You never have to step out further than your front steps. We exceed all Social Distancing regulations.
• You don’t need to get dressed up. These are meant to be fun photos to make you and our neighbors happy. Bring the kids, bring the pets. Have fun with the photos!  [Just keep everyone on your steps, please!]
• We will post a picture of each family on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook with the hashtags #TheFrontStepsProject #TheFrontStepsProjectLKN.  [We will not include your name, address etc. in our post for your personal privacy.  You can add that when you repost if you choose.] 
• We would love it if you would share the post across all of your family’s social media accounts to try to take this positive message and image as far as possible.
• We will send a digital copy of the photo to you.

Inspired by a photographer from Massachusetts with an incredible idea, we are bringing The Front Steps Project to North Carolina. 


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