We ask that everyone please make a donation of $25 or more directly to FeedNC.

Click the logo below to connect directly to their site to make the donation.

When filling out the form, please select 
The Front Steps Project in the "What is this gift in response to" box
so that they are able to track our community's donations.

Thank you!!!

New registrations for The Front Steps Project are closed.
Over 1,000 families have signed up and we are working to try to get to as many of them as possible.

Since March 23, we have taken photos of over 700 families for The Front Steps Project ranging from Mooresville to Charlotte!

We have visited 14 different ZIP codes, and enjoyed smiling faces in communities including The Farms, The Point, The Harbour, The Peninsula, Cherry Grove, MacAulay, Barclay Downs, Northbridge, Wellesley, Sundown Cove, Shavenders Bluff, Ballantyne Country Club, Watertree Landing, Providence Downs, Chesapeake Point, Whispering Oaks, Walden Ridge and Wyndham Hall Plantation.

Our focus through May is to get to as many of the remaining families that have signed up as possible.

We will reach out to you via email a few days ahead of time and let you know when The Front Steps Project is coming!

Thank you for the incredible support for this project!!!


This is a volunteer effort!  We are doing this to raise money for a critical local charity. We ask that each family that participates in #TheFrontStepsProject (or even if you don't!) make a minimum $25 donation to FeedNC. The link to donate directly to FeedNC is below.

So that we can be as efficient as possible, we have set up a street-by-street schedule for taking the photos and a quick form for you to fill out to let us know that you want to participate. The information collected will be used ONLY to communicate with you regarding this program; it will not be shared with anyone.  You will find the sign-up form as well as the link to make your donation to FeedNC below. 

Ed and I hope that you will join us in helping FeedNC, spreading some much-needed cheer in our community, and having a little fun with your family from the safety of your front steps.

We hope to see you – from afar – very soon!

-- Kathleen & Ed Martin

The idea is simple... but the need is great!

FeedNC (formerly known as The Mooresville Soup Kitchen) is an important charity in our town in good times – helping to feed those in-need. But in times like these, they are critical. The volume of those “in-need” is expanding. They need our help more than ever.

Kathleen & Ed Martin are volunteering our time & efforts to FeedNC in order to raise money & build awareness. Here is what we are doing:

• Each day (weather dependent), we will spend several hours going around to houses in your neighborhood that sign up to participate.
• We will spend about 5 minutes taking pictures of you & your family on your front steps.
        • We will always be at least 20 feet away from you.
        • Everything is done outdoors.
        • You never have to step out further than your front steps.
        • Volunteering is allowed under NC Executive Order 121 and we far exceed all Social Distancing Requirements.
• You don’t need to get dressed up if you don't want to (but it's a great excuse to get dressed!). These are meant to be fun photos to make you and your neighbors happy. Bring the kids, bring the pets. Have fun with the photos!  [Just keep everyone on your steps, please!]
• We will post a picture of each family on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook with the hashtag #TheFrontStepsProject.  [We will not include your name, address etc. in our post for your personal privacy.  You can add that when you repost if you choose.] 
• We would love it if you would share the post across all of your family’s social media accounts to try to take this positive message and image as far as possible.
• We will send a digital copy of the photo to you.

Inspired by a photographer from Massachusetts with an incredible idea... 

Over $50,000 raised for FeedNC
Over 1,000 families signed up
Over 800 families photographed
Over 8,000 photos taken

Medical Staff of Lake Norman Regional Medical Center donates $10,000 


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Over $50,000 raised

New registrations are closed.
Thank you to the more than 1,000 that signed up!!!

The Front Steps Project