LKN Images Brings The Cool Toys So You can Look Like a Rock Star

When we take senior banner photos, we do it right.  We bring the latest in lighting technology, the latest cameras and special sets so we can capture a lot more than a simple senior banner photo.  We take lots of pictures and poses of every athlete.  When we get back to the studio, all of those images are extracted from the background and placed into a special online system that allows you to view everything and select your favorite image for your banner. Once you make your selection, we create your banner art right here in our Mooresville studio.  All banners are printed locally in Charlotte and hand-delivered to the school just a few days after the photo shoot.

But Wait... There's More...

Like I said, we take LOTS of photos during senior banner photo shoots.  This is all about YOU and celebrating your senior year.  We want to make it creative. And we want to make it fun.  So we show up with suggestions on poses that we know will look good on a senior banner.  But we also encourage you to get creative and do your own poses. 

We bring a big studio to you... so let's use it!

Introducing Dynamic Background Photos

Great! You've selected the photo for your senior banner, but now what?  You have a dozen or so great images... there's got to be something you can do with those, right?

LKN Images has been creating senior banners for a lot of schools for several years.  And we kept asking the same question - what else can we do with all of these great banner photos? And then our partner, PhotoDay, invented a great new product that gave us the answer: Dynamic Background Photos.  The PhotoDay system allows us to upload all of the extracted banner images along with different background options for you to choose from.

How Does It Work?

Easy! Just go to your sports photo gallery on your phone, tablet or computer.  On the first screen, click on "Tags". On the next screen, click on Dynamic Background Photos. All of the extracted images from your team's photo shoot will appear.

From there, all you do is click on any of your photos. Below the image will be a scrollable list of all the different backgrounds that are available. Take a look at all of them by just clicking on the background image. [Don't forget to scroll the list left & right... there are a dozen or so backgrounds to choose from!]

Every Dynamic Background Photo can be purchased as a print or digital. So when you find what you like, click the "Buy" button in the upper right. 

Stop Reading And go Have Some Fun!

All your photos are waiting for you right now!  Just click on your school's logo below to go to your sports photo gallery on your phone, tablet or computer.  And start playing today!


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